This cave is called 'The Cave' by Mortimer.

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He mentions it during The Isle of Evil Quest, there is a box with a Nautical Map in this cave, also part of this quest. This is what Mortimer says about this cave:

Mortimer: They referred to it as 'the cave' and said the entrance is hidden. They also mentioned sand and two mossy stones. I hope that helps. I wish you luck.
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You can only enter this cave after starting mission 5 of The Isle of Evil Quest and thus being premium. A Magic Forcefield prevents formerly premium players to enter.

The Cave NPCs (1 NPC)
A Bearded WomanA Bearded WomanArtistEast of Northport, in The Cave

Pirate MarauderPirate Marauder125210
Pirate CutthroatPirate Cutthroat175325
Pirate BuccaneerPirate Buccaneer250425
Pirate SkeletonPirate Skeleton85190
Pirate GhostPirate Ghost250275

There are:


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