The druids of Carlin are closely affiliated to the city and its leadership. From the earliest days of the fledgling city, when the druids helped to provide food and shelter, to the days of prosperity and stability when they offered guidance and healing, they have been a constant in Carlin's history. Because the druids have been rewarded with great respect and considerable influence as a result of their engagement in the city and their decisive role in its success, many druids have moved to Carlin. This has had the consequence that over time, Carlin has become a centre of druidic magic and teaching.

When the looming threat of the Ghostlands was discovered it was the local druids who helped to erect a barrier that warded off the undead and the ghostly inhabitants. The prominence of druidic magic in Carlin has led to somewhat restrained relations with the Sorcerers' Guild that has close ties to Thais as is evident by the funding of the Edron academy. Over the course of time the more rigid guild members of the Sorcerers' Guild withdrew from Carlin and were replaced by freelancers and freethinkers with only loose ties to the Thaian guild so that over the years a form of acceptance between the local guilds was formed. The druids continue to be part of the everyday life of Carlin and heavily influence the culture and philosophy there.


Orange book is found in Congress Hall
Brown book is found in the schoolhouse.