The Amazons Vol.1

When Carlin was freed from the shackles of Thaian oppression, the imminent threat of attempts to recapture the city loomed over the weary populace. Some families left the city to hide in the woods. Those who remained immediately began with the construction of fortifications. With the assistance of druids and helpful elves some of the younger women were trained as scouts and roamed the surrounding woods to warn the city in the case of an advancing army.

However, it was at this time unknown to the people of Carlin that Thais was no longer in a position to launch another campaign to recapture the city. With the destruction of its biggest and best legion, the threat of rebellion loomed within the city's walls and advancing monsters at its borders were more than the remaining forces could handle. Still, Thais held on to its claim to the Carlinian lands and tried to incite mercenary bands with bounties to move against Carlin. Unfortunately for Thais, the lawlessness that had overtaken the countryside as a direct result of the conflict between the cities meant that the mercenaries found much more lucrative employment protecting merchant caravans and the homes of wealthy Tibians who chose to live outside the safety of the cities. Further, there was much speculation that the coffers of the Thaian King had been drained in the struggle with Carlin, and the mercenaries severely doubted Thais ability to pay up. However, there were still those mercenaries desperate enough for money, who were unable to find employment protecting trade caravans because their reputations as bandits rather than mercenaries preceded them. This motley bunch readily believed the stories about a defenceless city of weak women whose menfolk had been massacred by raiding orcs. However, these bands of so-called mercenaries were unable to organise themselves into a larger group. Unwilling to share the rewards from such easy pickings, the bands of mercenaries travelling to the North fought each other whenever they met.

At the same time as the mercenary bands were fighting each other on their way to the North, the scouts of Carlin encountered the remnants of the orcish invasion force that still roamed the woods. More often than not, the badly organised bands of orcs would be put to the sword and arrow and killed by the scouts. However, the orcs soon grew wise to these attacks and formed themselves into a larger group, posing a significant threat too large to be dealt with by the scouting parties alone.

It was Bella Bonecrusher, a young warrior, who saw the potential of the threat and, in a rousing speech, stirred the remaining women of the city to join with the scouts and fight the menace posed by the growing organisation of the orcs. Emissaries were sent to the Elves at Ab'Dendriel to alarm them of the danger that the orcs also posed to their borders. While diplomatic discussions were underway, the newly recruited warriors were armed with equipment salvaged from the battlefields and were hastily trained by the scouts. When the Elven reinforcements arrived in Carlin they were greeted by a ragtag army of untried women. Despite their lack of experience in the battlefield, this army faced the orcs and won against the odds. Soon, the woods were cleared of orcs. Bella Bonecrusher argued that in these troubled times a standing army would be a necessity, others pointed out that everyone was needed to rebuild the city and work on the fields. The discussions turned moot when the scouts reported the advancing war bands of mercenaries from the south. The new army was sent to intercept the advancing forces. The mercenaries, separated in several groups, never high in morale and heavily outnumbered were soundly defeated by the Carlinian forces whose losses were negligible, thanks to the healing magic of the druids.


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