Property Value
Type Building
Size sqm
Beds Unknown
Rent No rent.
City Thais
Street Harbour Street
Windows Unknown
Floors 4
Rooms Unknown
Version Pre-6.0
Status Active


This house has no furnishings.


Thais, here.


The Thais Jail's purpose is to hold dangerous criminals in cells, criminals such as Homer Vason, Angus Krome, Nostradamus Untru, and Winston Roper. Partos seems to be the only permanent resident the jail has ever had, but in the past it used to have lawbreaking players as guests as well. These guests were thrust into cells against their wills, by Gamemasters who at times would teleport nasty individuals to the jail cells for some solitary confinement time with just Partos and his lousy company. They would lock the door with Key 0020. During the Kingsday Mini World Change players who insult King Tibianus will also be teleported to jail and will not be able to log out until the next Kingsday raid, which will teleport the player to the Thais Knight's Guild's arena.
During Tibia's 15th Anniversary, Knightmare (NPC) occupied one of the cells and he used this opportunity to tell passers-by stories of days past.

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