Player: hi
Tezila: Hiho, Player. Come in and look. But don't touch the exhibits, jawoll!
Player: job
Tezila: I am a jeweller. Maybe you want to have a look at my wonderful offers.
Player: jewels
Tezila: You can purchase our fine dwarfish wares like wedding rings, golden amulets, and ruby necklaces.
Player: gem
Tezila: You can buy and sell small diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and amethysts or sell topazes.
Player: gems
Tezila: I offer small rubies, small sapphires, small amethysts, small emeralds and small diamonds. Druids can enchant them at the elemental shrines and you can use them to enchant selected weapons.
Player: pearls
Tezila: There are white and black pearls you can buy or sell, as well as giant green and brown pearls which you can sell.
Player: name
Tezila: I am Tezila Gemcutter, daughter of Fire, from the Savage Axes.
Player: offer
Tezila: I sell the finest gems. Ask me for a trade if you're interested.
Player: sell
Tezila: We exchange gold, platinum and crystal coins.
Player: time
Tezila: It's 9:30 am.
Player: talons
Tezila: We don't trade with them.
Player: deposit / bank / withdraw
Tezila: I don't run the bank anymore. Please talk to Lokur in the depot to access your account.
Player: bye
Tezila: Good bye.

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