The Temple of Equilibrium is a temple located north of the Muggy Plains, it is allegedly the last uncorrupted place of the plains. The building consists of 7 floors and it is mainly ruined. The right part of the temple is only accessible after climbing up the tower and then descending it again. However you may use levitate spell to get to the first floor on the right side from the second floor (the left side). You just need to look for it.

The Temple serves as the entrance to the Fire Dragon Dojo. A Stampor Cave is located just outside the temple.

Creatures in Temple of Equilibrium

Lizard LegionnaireLizard Legionnaire11001400
Lizard High GuardLizard High Guard14501800
Lizard Dragon PriestLizard Dragon Priest13201450
Lizard ZaogunLizard Zaogun17002955
Lizard ChosenLizard Chosen22003050
Battlemaster ZunzuBattlemaster Zunzu25004000
Warning Icon Red

Below is geographic spoiler, if you wish to explore it by yourself, stop reading here.

Temple of Equilibrium Map

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