You see a sign.
You read: Crunor's Finest
Warehouse of Talesia De'Mir

Player: hi
Talesia: Salutation, Player! What brings you to {Crunor}'s Finest {Warehouse}?
Player: job
Talesia: I am a the owner of {Crunor}'s Finest {Warehouse} of course.
Player: name
Talesia: I am Talesia De'Mir, owner of {Crunor}'s Finest {Warehouse}.
Player: time
Talesia: It's 1:25 am right now.
Player: king or Tibianus
Talesia: We pay this man enough to live here undisturbed of major interventions.
Player: Tibia
Talesia: The world is a treasure chest for those of knowledge and skill.
Player: army
Talesia: At least they are useful, but we pay enough taxes to supply the entire Thaian army.
Player: taxes
Talesia: Venore is the major tax payer in the whole realm. So we more than deserve the {privileges} the king granted us.
Player: privileges
Talesia: We are alowed to trade with anyone, Thaian subject or not, have no Thaian noble as governor, and own the exclusive {gambling} license.
Player: gambling
Talesia: I don't care much about it, though others profit greatly.
Player: Ferumbras
Talesia: I hope he is aware that his enemies live elsewhere.
Player: Excalibug
Talesia: I am contend with my familysword meloncutter.
Player: Carlin
Talesia: They are a bit problematic as business partners, but their independence from Thais is... interesting.
Player: Thais
Talesia: I hope they live well from our taxes...
Player: Crunor
Talesia: A god worth to worship. At least he gives something useful back to the faithful.
Player: warehouse
Talesia: My warehouse is only one of many. We merchants hold this city together and lead it to prosperity.
Player: bye
Talesia: Fare thee well.

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