See also: A Visit to Svargrond
Svargrond is the largest human settlement in Hrodmir and located here. It has an everlasting winter climate due to cold winds coming from the east. There is a strong presence of people from Carlin, and has been inhabited for quite a long time, with the natives following a nomadic lifestyle. Most people, however earn their lives as furriers or fishers. The town is currently being ruled by the jarl Sven the Younger, who will apply the barbarian test on you if you are interested in integrating in the barbarian community.

Although the ones who built the city are outsiders and are thus not welcomed by the Norsir, it has been known that some of the barbarians from that tribe aided the ones building the city by helping in the construction. Although this is a moderate relief, the other barbarians who still stick with their lifestyle are filled with envy and suspicions against the Svargrond citizens.

Huskies are highly esteemed due to their docile nature and their body strength, allowing them to be used in transportation (Dog Sleds). Killing huskies will certainly not be forgiven by the barbarians, so watch out!


Svargrond NPCs (23 NPCs)
A Restless SoulA Restless SoulUnknown OccupationFormorgar Mines, second floor
A Starving DogA Starving DogWorking AnimalSvargrond, 2 levels up, west of the Formorgar Glacier.
BerthaBerthaEquipment ShopkeeperSvargrond, eastern part of city.
BuddelBuddelFerrymanSouth of Svargrond, Tyrsung (here), Okolnir (here), Barbarian Settlements (here) and Helheim (here).
Captain BreezeldaCaptain BreezeldaShip CaptainSvargrond, eastern part of city on her ship
Captain HabaCaptain HabaShip CaptainSvargrond, eastern part of city on his ship
DankwartDankwartBarkeeperWest in Svargrond, in the tavern Tempest in a Meadhorn.
EirikEirikGuardWestern Svargrond, south-east of temple
FynnFynnGuardSvargrond, east of depot
HalvarHalvarSupervisorSvargrond Arena, fighter entrance
HawkyrHawkyrPaladin Guild LeaderEast of Svargrond Arena
IskanIskanCaretakerSvargrond, on the ice area north of the city
IyadIyadMagic Carpet ManagerSvargrond, on the mountain north from the depot.
JanzJanzFurniture ShopkeeperSvargrond, north-east of depot.
JessicaJessicaJewelry ShopkeeperSvargrond, between depot and boat
KjesseKjesseClericWestern Svargrond, temple
LurikLurikLocal Representative of the Explorer SocietyEastern Svargrond, east of Depot
NellyNellyPostmanEastern Svargrond, between depot and boat
RobertRobertShopkeeperSvargrond, behind the Arena
RomirRomirSorcererNorth of Svargrond, north-west of the Magic Carpet in a hut
SirikSirikGuardEastern Svargrond, west of boat
SvenSvenMonarchWestern Svargrond, in the tavern Tempest in a meadhorn
ThorwulfThorwulfKnight Guild LeaderEast of Svargrond Arena


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