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Supported Tibia Fansites are websites developed to people dedicated to Tibia, that helps people find the information they need in their own language, or in english, just with more fancy resources in comparison to the Tibia official homepage. Fansites are either supported or unsupported. Supported means they have been submitted to a battery of exams and evaluation by CIPSoft and were approved by their programme. Supported fansites are:

Supported Tibia Fansites

Site Name URL Language(s)
Exhiti English
FunTibia English, Polish and Portuguese
Lootpic English and Polish
MrThomsen English
RadioTibia Portuguese
TibiaEvents English
TibiaHof English, Swedish
TibiaJourney English Spanish
TibiaLibrary English
TibiaLottery English
TibiaMagazine Spanish
TibiaMisterios Portuguese
TibiaPic English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Czech, Italy, French, Catalan
TibiaRoyal English
TibiaStat English
TibiaWars English
Tibia Cubix English
Tibia ML English

You can find more information on supported fansites at the official website.

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