Support Spells can be used in place of some tools, and provide general support for the caster. Everything from locating other player, to lighting a cave, to increasing your speed and more!

Name Words Prem Mana Level Price Type Effect
Arrow Call Arrow Call exevo infir con no 10 1 0 Support Creates 3 Simple Arrows.
Blood Rage Blood Rage utito tempo yes 290 60 8000 Support Increases your melee attack skills (fist fighting, axe fighting, club fighting and sword fighting) by 35% for 10 seconds. Concentrating on the fight, a knight will neglect his defense being unable to block any attack with his shield.
Cancel Invisibility Cancel Invisibility exana ina yes 200 26 1600 Support Makes invisible creatures/players visible again.
Challenge Challenge exeta res yes 30 20 2000 Support Makes all Creatures nearby change their target to the caster.
Chameleon Chameleon adevo ina no 600 27 1300 Support Makes 1 Chameleon Runes (requiring 1 Blank Rune). Turns you into an item. The effect lasts for 200 seconds (3 minutes, 20 seconds).
Charge Charge utani tempo hur yes 100 25 1300 Support Increases your speed by 90% for 5 seconds.
Conjure Wand of Darkness Conjure Wand of Darkness exevo gran mort yes 250 41 5000 Support Conjures a Wand of Darkness.
Creature Illusion Creature Illusion utevo res ina "creature" no 100 23 1000 Support Turns you into a certain creature for three minutes.
Destroy Field Destroy Field adito grav no 120 17 700 Support Makes 3 Destroy Field Runes (requiring 1 Blank Rune). Destroys fire, poison and energy fields, from any distance as long there's nothing blocking the path.
Disintegrate Disintegrate adito tera yes 200 21 900 Support Makes 3 Disintegrate Runes (requiring 1 Blank Rune). Destroys movable objects.
Enchant Party Enchant Party utori mas sio yes Varies 32 4000 Support The Enchant Party spell enables sorcerers to raise the magic level of themselves and their party members by 1, it lasts for 2 minutes. In order for it to work, there has to be at least one party member in the area of effect, not counting the spell caster.
Find Person Find Person exiva "NAME" no 20 8 80 Support Tells you which direction a certain player is, relative to you, and a rough idea of the distance.
Great Light Great Light utevo gran lux no 60 13 500 Support Provides illumination in a 4 tile radius around the caster (area effect). Duration is 11 minutes, 35 seconds.
Haste Haste utani hur yes 60 14 600 Support Increases Speed. (Consult the Formula page to determine the enhancement.) Duration is 31 seconds. Cures paralysis.
Heal Party Heal Party utura mas sio yes Varies. 32 4000 Support The Heal Party spell will increase the regeneration speed of players on his party to 20 hit points every 2 seconds for a period of 2 minutes.
Invisible Invisible utana vid no 440 35 2000 Support Makes the caster invisible to some creatures. Duration is 3 minutes, 20 seconds.
Levitate Levitate exani hur up
exani hur down
yes 50 12 500 Support Permits vertical movement via levitation, up or down one level.
Light Light utevo lux no 20 8 0 Support Provides illumination in a 3 tile radius around the caster (area effect). Duration is 6 minutes, 10 seconds.
Magic Rope Magic Rope exani tera yes 20 9 200 Support Teleports you up through a hole when you are standing in a rope spot.
Magic Shield Magic Shield utamo vita no 50 14 450 Support Damage taken reduces Mana instead of Hit Points. Duration is 3 minutes, 20 seconds.
Magic Wall Magic Wall adevo grav tera yes 750 32 2100 Support Makes 3 Magic Wall Runes (requiring 1 Blank Rune). Makes an indestructible wall.
Paralyse Paralyse adana ani yes 1400 54 1900 Support Makes 1 Paralyse Runes (requiring 1 Blank Rune). Paralyses target. Any healing spell on the paralysed target will cancel the effect.
Protect Party Protect Party utamo mas sio yes Varies 32 4000 Support The Protect Party spell will raise the shielding by 3 for 2 minutes for every party member standing on one of these fields.
Protector Protector utamo tempo yes 200 55 6000 Support Increases the knight's shielding to 220% for 13 seconds. Concentrating on his protection, the knight will not be able to attack any opponents during this period of time, nor cast spells.
Sharpshooter Sharpshooter utito tempo san yes 450 60 8000 Support Increases the distance skill of the paladin by 50% for 10 seconds. While the spell is in effect, the paladin's speed is reduced by 70%, they cannot cast healing, support or supply spells.
Strong Haste Strong Haste utani gran hur yes 100 20 1300 Support Makes you run faster than with Haste and is slightly less economical on distance given same time and mana, can also cure paralysis. It lasts for 22 seconds instead of 33 as with Haste. To determine your speed with this spell, go to the Formula page.
Summon Emberwing Summon Emberwing utevo gran res sac yes 2000 200 50000 Support Summons an Emberwing which lasts 15 minutes.
Summon Grovebeast Summon Grovebeast utevo gran res dru yes 3000 200 50000 Support Summons a Grovebeast which lasts 15 minutes.
Summon Skullfrost Summon Skullfrost utevo gran res eq yes 1000 200 50000 Support Summons a Skullfrost which lasts 15 minutes.
Summon Thundergiant Summon Thundergiant utevo gran res ven yes 3000 200 50000 Support Summons a Thundergiant which lasts 15 minutes.
Swift Foot Swift Foot utamo tempo san yes 400 55 6000 Support Increases the paladin's speed by 80% for 10 seconds, they however can not attack or use attack spells during this time.
Train Party Train Party utito mas sio yes Varies 32 4000 Support Raises the Fist Fighting, sword, axe, club and distance fighting skills of party members in a range of 36 square meters around the caster by 3 for 2 minutes.
Ultimate Light Ultimate Light utevo vis lux yes 140 26 1600 Support Fills the dark with light.
Wild Growth Wild Growth adevo grav vita yes 600 27 2000 Support Makes 2 Wild Growth Runes (requiring 1 Blank Rune). Creates a rune to cast a tree which blocks off 1 square meter.

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