Supply spells conjure or create some item or food to support the player. Because of their knowledge of nature and life, Druids are capable of conjuring various types of food, while Paladins have focused their magical efforts on building ammunition from trees and other materials surrounding them.

Name Words Prem Mana Level Price Type Effect
Conjure Arrow Conjure Arrow exevo con no 100 13 450 Supply Creates 10 Arrows.
Conjure Bolt Conjure Bolt exevo con mort yes 140 17 750 Supply Creates 5 Bolts.
Conjure Diamond Arrow Conjure Diamond Arrow exevo gran con hur yes 1000 150 15000 Supply Creates 100 Diamond Arrows.
Conjure Explosive Arrow Conjure Explosive Arrow exevo con flam no 290 25 1000 Supply Creates 8 Burst Arrows.
Conjure Piercing Bolt Conjure Piercing Bolt exevo con grav yes 180 33 850 Supply Creates 5 Piercing Bolts.
Conjure Poisoned Arrow Conjure Poisoned Arrow exevo con pox no 130 16 700 Supply Creates 7 Poison Arrows.
Conjure Power Bolt Conjure Power Bolt exevo con vis yes 700 59 2000 Supply Creates 10 Power Bolts.
Conjure Royal Star Conjure Royal Star exevo gran con grav yes 1000 150 15000 Supply Creates 30 Royal Stars.
Conjure Sniper Arrow Conjure Sniper Arrow exevo con hur yes 160 24 800 Supply Creates 5 Sniper Arrows.
Conjure Spectral Bolt Conjure Spectral Bolt exevo gran con vis yes 1000 150 15000 Supply Creates 100 Spectral Bolts.
Enchant Spear Enchant Spear exeta con yes 350 45 2000 Supply Turns one ordinary Spear into an Enchanted Spear. You need to have at least one ordinary spear in your backpack to make one.
Enchant Staff Enchant Staff exeta vis yes 80 41 2000 Supply Enchants a Staff (10/25) to an Enchanted Staff (39/45) for 60 seconds.
Food (Spell) Food (Spell) exevo pan no 120 14 300 Supply Creates various kinds of food.

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