The sunken quarter was once part of Yalahar, but the most of the area broke from the land and sunk into the sea. There is still some land above water so that you can walk from the main gate or side gates to the adjacent quarters.
You need a Helmet of the Deep or Depth Galea to go underwater.

Hunting tips

You should bring all the food you will need, because shrimp is semi-rare and is found in small quantities. You should have area runes or spells, in case you are caught by fast quaras, like the mantassins.
Medium levels: you should hunt the constrictors and mantassins only. The loot certainly pays the expenses, specially if you can carry the heavier items, like two-handed swords and halberds. However, it is not a great place to hunt for experience, because it takes long to go from one spawn to another.
High levels: Sorcerers and Druids optimize their hunt by gathering several Quara and striking them with Thunderstorms and/or Energy/Earth Waves. Be especially careful along the eastern edge as you may easily get swarmed by up to 12 predators and pinchers.
Knights will most likely waste here when hunting solo before roughly level 120. If you still insist on it, take advantage of the few narrow passages you can find as predators and pinchers can take you down quickly even in smaller groups. Poison or Energy Fields can be thrown in emergency situations to construct a makeshift narrow area, as no Quara walks over those.

You can find multiple (~10) Small Fish in various spots on the first few levels of the Sunken Quarter. Bring Empty Goldfish Bowls to collect them and sell them with profit.

Sunken Quarter NPCs
MaritimaMaritimaUnknown OccupationYalahar Sunken Quarter, west of entrance.
TarakTarakFerrymanSunken Quarter and Monument Tower.

First 3 floors going down
Quara ConstrictorQuara Constrictor250450
Quara MantassinQuara Mantassin400800


Sunken Quarter -3
The A marks a Small Fish, which you can put into an empty goldfish bowl. There is one Quara Mantassin the left of the map and 3 Quara Constrictor on the right (also where you enter).

Sunken Quarter -4
On this floor there are only Quara Constrictors, in groups of 2-3 at a time (if not lured). You can't walk around the whole rock, the green line indicates the place where you can't go through.

Sunken Quarter -5
This floor contains groups of Quara Constrictors and Quara Mantassins. The biggest group consists of 3 mantassins and 1 constrictor. The green lines means you can't pass there, you can't walk around the whole rock on this floor.

Floor 4 going down
Quara ConstrictorQuara Constrictor250450
Quara HydromancerQuara Hydromancer8001100
Quara MantassinQuara Mantassin400800
Quara PincherQuara Pincher12001800
Quara PredatorQuara Predator16002200

Floor 5 Undergound Bosses
  • This creature drops no loot.

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