Dagger Alley 1ChristophShipyardDream Street 4Dream Street 3Dream Street 2JulianChephanNelliemShiantisLeelandUseful Things WarehouseDream Street 1 (Shop)SylvesterElm Street 1Elm Street 2Elm Street 3Elm Street 4AlwinXedYanniRomellaAbran IroneyeIronhouseBlessed Shield GuildhallSteel HomeIron Alley 1Iron Alley 2Swamp WatchLoot Lane 1 (Shop)BoozerLightfootDustrunnerDoveNurikZebronA Strange FellowMariaUrkalioAsrakThe Hard RockLucky Lane 1 (Shop)WarbertSeagull Walk 1Market Street 1Market Street 2Market Street 3Market Street 4 (Shop)Market Street 5 (Shop)RoseRodneyLivielleTalesiaCrunor's Finest WarehouseMarket Street 6AllenBorkasYulasPlank and TreasurechestMarket Street 7Jean ClaudeCarinaRokynOdemaraDagomirHouse of WealthArnoldYberiusVenore TempleMystic Lane 1Mystic Lane 2FransDiggerSmileyChatterboneVladrucThe Magic BazarPaupers Palace, Flat 11Paupers Palace, Flat 13Paupers Palace, Flat 15Paupers Palace, Flat 17Paupers Palace, Flat 18Paupers Palace, Flat 12Paupers Palace, Flat 14Paupers Palace, Flat 16Salvation Street 1 (Shop)VelvetNorbertAldoHugoDress for SuccessPyro PeterSalvation Street 2Salvation Street 3Valorous VenoreSeagull Walk 2Seagull Walk 1Northeast TowerEast TowerSilver Street 4Silver Street 3Silver Street 2East Tower EntranceSilver Street 1Golden Axe GuildhallCaptain FearlessGuide ElenaVenore HarborUncleForeign AffairsAshtamorThe Burning PortalPyro PeterDagger AlleyDream StreetDream StreetElm StreetIron AlleyIron AlleyIron AlleyIron AlleyLoot LaneLucky LaneMarket StreetMystic LaneMystic LaneMystic LaneOld Lighthouse (Street)Paupers PalaceSalvation StreetSeagull WalkSeagull WalkSilver StreetSilver StreetSilver StreetSilver StreetWalk of FlameVenore Streets
About this image
  • Dagger Alley (*)
  • Dream Street (*)
  • Elm Street (*)
  • Iron Alley (*)
  • Loot Lane (*)
  • Lucky Lane (*)
  • Market Street (*)
  • Mystic Lane (*)
  • Old Lighthouse (*)
  • Paupers Palace (*)
  • Salvation Street (*)
  • Seagull Walk (*)
  • Silver Street (*)
  • Walk of Flame (*)

Put your cursor over the map to see where the streets, houses, and NPCs are.


Dagger Alley (*)Runs south from Paupers Palace.
Dream Street (*)Runs from north-west entrance past the docks all the way south.
Elm Street (*)Running horizontally crossing Dream Street.
Iron Alley (*)Running from the south-west (main) entrance to the east and a bit north until the Salvation Street.
Loot Lane (*)Running vertical between Market Street and Mystic Lane.
Lucky Lane (*)Running from south entrance vertically until reaching Mystic Lane (depot).
Market Street (*)Running horizontally from Silver Street (bank) until Seagull Walk.
Mystic Lane (*)Running horizontally from Dream Street past depot until touching Silver Street in the east.
Old Lighthouse (*)Small vertical sidewalk from Market Street in the north.
Paupers Palace (*)A big flat complex south of depot.
Salvation Street (*)Starting at Paupers Palace running horizontally until guildhall Valorous Venore.
Seagull Walk (*)Starting at depot it runs north and west almost until the docks.
Silver Street (*)Starting in the most north-east corner it runs south and west until Iron Alley.
Walk of Flame (*)Starting at the boat it runs south until Salvation Street.

Some Venore buildings and NPCs lie outside the city beyond named streets:




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