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About this image
  • Darashia 1 (*)
  • Darashia 2 (*)
  • Darashia 3 (*)
  • Darashia 4 (*)
  • Darashia 5 (*)
  • Darashia 6 (*)
  • Darashia 7 (*)
  • Darashia 8 (*)
  • Darashia Street (*)

Put your cursor over the map to see where the streets, houses, and NPCs are.


Darashia 1 (*) Flat in north-west of town, west of palace.
Darashia 2 (*) Flat in west, north of depot.
Darashia 3 (*) Flat in south-center of town, east of depot.
Darashia 4 (*) Flat in center of town, east of marketplace.
Darashia 5 (*) Flat in north, east of palace.
Darashia 6 (*) Flat in north-east, east of Darashia 5.
Darashia 7 (*) Flat in east, east of Darashia 4.
Darashia 8 (*) Flat in south-east-center, east of Darashia 3.
Darashia Street (*) runs from the Palace in north-west, to south via market, by depot, east by guildhalls to boat in south-east.

Some Darashia buildings and NPCs lie outside the city or beyond named streets:

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