ArakmehnAnkrahmun Streets
About this image
  • Arakmehn (*)
  • Botham (*)
  • Chameken (*)
  • Charsirakh (*)
  • Esuph (*)
  • Mothrem (*)
  • Murkhol (*)
  • Oskahl (*)
  • Othehothep (*)
  • Rathal (*)
  • Thanah (*)
  • Thrarhor (Shop) (*)
  • Unklath (*)
  • Uthemath (*)

Put your cursor over the map to see where the streets, houses, and NPCs are.


Arakmehn I, II, III, IV (*)Around the 4 pyramids near the main middle entrance.
Botham I, II, III, IV (*)South-east part of the city.
Chameken I, II (*)Connecting 2 small pyramids below Thanah and depot.
Charsirakh I, II, III (*)Connecting 2 of the most western pyramids.
Esuph I, II, III, IV (*)Around 4 of the most eastern pyramids.
Mothrem I (*)1 pyramid above Othehothep.
Murkhol I (*)1 pyramid above Oskahl.
Oskahl I (*)! large pyramid in the south-west of the city, north of the boat.
Othehothep I, II, III (*)Connecting 3 pyramids in the north-west corner of the city.
Rathal I, II (*)Connecting 2 pyramids in the north-east of the city.
Thanah I, II (*)2 large pyramids north and west of depot.
Thrarhor I (Shop) (*)1 big pyramid north of depot below shops.
Unklath I, II (*)Connecting 2 pyramids south of Arakmehn and north of the arena building.
Uthemath I (*)1 pyramid between Rathal and Botham.

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