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This article or section is about an event NPC, creature, item, object or location.

The information about this NPC, creature, item, object or location is only relevant during a certain event, e.g. only during Christmas.

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8.1 (December 11, 2007)
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Stan NPC Stan

Location: In Venore, in Hugo's shop, south-east from the depot, here.
Occupation: Shopkeeper
Sound(s): "Your soul will be mine!", "MUHAHAHAHAHA!", "I SMELL FEEEEAR!"
Notes: Appears only during the Masquerade Days. His real name is Stanley Montgomery Edward Wilson Jaydon Alverton. He is a human just sitting in this giant costume pulling strings. He knows five hilarious jokes. He can't offer you his very special costume.
Items traded:
Item Price (gp)
Costume Bag (Common) 500
Costume Bag (Deluxe) 1,500
Costume Bag (Uncommon) 1,000
Party Hat 600
Party Trumpet 80
Buys: None.

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