Spirit Chamber [Prototype 3], Testrun 392 (rev. theta-delta for N231) INSTRUCTION MANUAL, Edron Academy #3922 Immediate Actions after a spirit has been captivated and the cage is emptied: 01-a: move left handle up to unlock the termination lever (rev. mod. #28) 01-b: turn termination lever up to cause a static attenuation of the magical grid 02-a: remove ethereal entity by locking cage (rev. mod. #332) to chamber funnel (rev. mod. #411) 02-b: press left and right splint (rev. mods. #43-c, #43-d) simultaneously 02-c: wait until the holding sphere starts to hum (ed. ONLY ONE SPIRIT AT A TIME!! - Spectulus) 03-a: turn termination lever down and release left handle to lock it ------Man.rev.32 - Sinclair, Edron Academy--------------------------------------------


This book has no notes.

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