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Spellbooks can show your learned Spells. Ever since the Summer Update 8.2, they also provide a source of defense from attacks, and best of all, can raise a Mage's Magic Level by different amounts.

Spellbooks are one-handed and go in your shield slot. In relation to normal Shields, spellbooks have very low defense, so may not be as attractive to people on a solo hunt, but better used in a team hunt where the mages don't have to take hits.

There are 14 spellbooks in game so far, they are:

Name Level Def Attributes Resistances Weight Dropped By
Book of Lies Book of Lies 150 18 magic level +4 24.00
Crude Umbral Spellbook Crude Umbral Spellbook 75 14 magic level +1 earth +2%, energy +2%, fire +2%, ice +2% 40.00
Snake God's Wristguard Snake God's Wristguard 100 14 magic level +3 28.00
Spellbook Spellbook 14 18.00
Spellbook of Ancient Arcana Spellbook of Ancient Arcana 150 19 magic level +4 death +5% 25.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Spellbook of Dark Mysteries Spellbook of Dark Mysteries 80 16 magic level +3 28.50
Spellbook of Enlightenment Spellbook of Enlightenment 30 18 magic level +1 19.50
Spellbook of Lost Souls Spellbook of Lost Souls 60 20 magic level +2 25.60
Spellbook of Mind Control Spellbook of Mind Control 50 16 magic level +2 24.50
Spellbook of Vigilance Spellbook of Vigilance 130 20 magic level +3 earth +3%, fire -3% 27.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Spellbook of Warding Spellbook of Warding 40 22 magic level +1 21.00
Spellbook of the Novice Spellbook of the Novice 8 14.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Spellscroll of Prophecies Spellscroll of Prophecies 70 12 magic level +3 26.50
Umbral Master Spellbook Umbral Master Spellbook 250 20 magic level +4 earth +5%, fire +5%, ice +5%, energy +5% 30.00
Umbral Spellbook Umbral Spellbook 150 16 magic level +2 earth +3%, energy +3%, fire +3%, ice +3% 35.00

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