Just after leaving the Rebel Camp, you will find yourself in the middle of a mountain. Long ago, this was one of the peaceful Lizard villages, but nowadays it's a haunted ruin filled with ghosts of former residents. The Ghastly Dragon Lair can be found here. Just outside the mountains are the Northern Zao Plantations and one of the Brimstone Bug Caves.

Due to Souleaters high resistance to physical damage, it is not advisable for a Knight or Paladin to hunt here. If you still insist on doing so, your best options are using a Fire-enchanted weapon or Flaming Arrows combined with either various Berserk or Holy spells, as well as various Energy field runes and Inflict Wound/Holy Flash. While as a Knight/Paladin you will not reach nearly as high exp/h as a Mage, your profit will still come out roughly the same.

Death BlobDeath Blob300320
Mutated RatMutated Rat450550
Mutated BatMutated Bat615900
Mutated TigerMutated Tiger7501100
Killer CaimanKiller Caiman9001500

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