Hunting as a Sorcerer

A Sorcerer's ability to hunt creatures successfully depends on their knowledge of the elements. The main weapon of a Sorcerer is their Wand, which will deal either energy, fire or death damage. Different creatures will be immune, resistant, neutral or weak to these elements, and as such it is important to pair up your chosen monster with the right wand.

Before you start hunting with your wand, be sure to switch your fighting mode to Defensive Fighting as it will not reduce the damage you deal to a monster, but will decrease the damage you recieve.

Also keep a close eye on your mana, as each shot from your wand will reduce the amount. Keep it almost full at all times (as keeping it full will waste potential magic level training), and always carry at least 2 Mana Potions when you start a new hunt. Ideally you should carry at least 20 potions per every 10 levels you gain, e.g.; a level 20-29 should carry 40+ potions, level 30-39 should carry 60+, etc.

Also, you should always carry some lightweight food. White Mushrooms are a good choice.

Level 8 to 12

Minotaurs are weak to Energy Damage, but can be dangerous. A normal Minotaur will be no problem to hunt, but unfortunately it is rare to find them alone. They are usually accompanied by Minotaur Archers, Minotaur Guards and Minotaur Mages. Therefore when hunting them, have Exura at the ready, and room to run. On a more positive note, Minotaurs drop a wide range of armors and weapons that can be sold to NPC's for a large profit and can be skinned with an Obsidian Knife to obtain Minotaur Leather. A good place to hunt them is the Kazordoon Minotaurs as there are only Minotaurs and a few single Minotaur Archers spread around the caves. Beware of the tower though, as it spawns Minotaur Mages and Guards. Keep clear of it until you are a higher level.

You can hunt Trolls and Goblins, but this will be quite frustrating, as they are strong against energy, and will cost more mana to kill.

Rotworm caves are also a good deal, since they drop food, Maces and Swords.

Level 13 to 18

At level 13, a Sorcerer should buy a Wand of Dragonbreath, that now will deal on a average of 18 Fire Damage.

The Ankrahmun Larva Caves give good experience, gold and Larvas are weak against fire. Keep in mind that the lower floors of the caves contain Scarabs, so keep your healing ready.

Dwarves are also weak against fire damage, but you should only hunt the standard and the Dwarf Soldiers.

Carrion Worms are also weak against fire damage.

Carrion Worms, Rotworms and Larvas drop a nice amount of gold, and food, to regenerate the mana they cost.

You might also consider hunting Emerald Damselflies under the Salamander Cave near the south gate of Venore, as they also take increased damage from Fire Damage.

Level 19 to 25

By this time, you should have enough to buy a Wand of Decay. Dealing an average of 30 death damage, the hunt will change a bit. Remember to always bring your potions as they can save your life.

Dwarves, Orcs, and Minotaurs are all weak against your new wand. And a good place to have all three together is Elvenbane. Beware of the Orc berserker and Minotaur Guard, as they can hit you pretty hard. Don't forget to make a "lootbag".

For those with Premium Time, Barbarians can be a good choice in Svargrond.

By level 22, you can buy your Wand of Draconia, and for those with premium, go to Edron, and keep killing Rotworms.

Level 26 to 50

You should have your Wand of Cosmic Energy now, which while not ideal for most of the undead around tibia will give you enough damage to successfully hunt most of the first and second floors of the various Ankrahmun tombs. The tombs are a great place for any Premium Players. At level 33 you can obtain your Wand of Inferno which will really help with the undead, always bring your energy wand as well if you are hunting a tomb that contains demon skeletons as they are immune to fire damage. If you obtain a Blessed Wooden Stake the Vampires on the third floor of the Tarpit Tomb without going through the teleport can make for very good experience and profit depending on the price of Vampire Dusts on your server.

Around level 33, you can also try to hunt at edron earth elemental cave. Just be carefull when there's more then one around and make a lootbag for the products they drop, the lump of earth can be sold at the ivory towers, and you can make alot of profit on those.

past level 37 you can try to hunt at nibelor ice cave. The ice golems on the first floor make are quite easily to kill with just your wand of starstorm and energy strike

Around level 40 hunting dragons with Wand of Voodoo and Ice Strike can make for quite a good hunt. Especially if you can get one of the better spawns like Darashia Dragon Lair floor 1. 

The Ape city Banuta can be very good levelling as well but be careful not to get swarmed, and always bring enough supplies to get back through the jungle after you're done hunting. A stray Carniphila's paralyze can get you caught in a swarm of enemies very easily on your way back to town.

For free accounts you'll be largely limited to weaker monsters unless you choose to hunt with runes, which unfortunately is usually not very cost effective at this level range.