Player: hi
Snake Eye: Hi Player. Come in and have a drink.
Player: god
Snake Eye: The Gods of Tibia! What a crap! It's all superstition!
Player: job
Snake Eye: Well, I'm the boss of this tavern.
Player: tavern
Snake Eye: It's a great tavern. No closing time. No problems with kings or other rulers. Best place in Tibia.
Player: name
Snake Eye: I'm Snake Eye.
Player: Tibia/Tibiasula
Snake Eye: There's already too much order in Tibia. We don't need kings or whatever.
Player: time
Snake Eye: Go and get a watch.
Player: camp
Snake Eye: Well, the real wild warriors don't live here. They hide in the woods.
Player: woods
Snake Eye: It's the best place to live. By the way, there's an old wild warrior building to the southwest. It might be interesting for you.
Player: wild warrior
Snake Eye: There are a lot of wild warriors around. They built this camp.
Player: Ab'Dendriel
Snake Eye: I've never been there. I don't like the elves anyway.
Player: Carlin
Snake Eye: I've never been there. Don't know anything about it.
Player: Edron
Snake Eye: That's a place for wealthy toffs!
Player: Kazordoon
Snake Eye: Kazordoon is alright. Except the dwarfs. I don't like them. But the mountains are a good place. Been there once.
Player: Thais
Snake Eye: In the beginning, it was a nice encampment. Now it's an overcrowded, polluted city. I hate it!
Player: Snake Eye
Snake Eye: Well, I had a dispute with a snake once. And the snake won. Bit my left eye out. Therefore, Snake Eye.
Player: Cip
Snake Eye: Cip sux!
Player: H.L.
Snake Eye: He is a wild warrior. Nobody knows his real name. We just call im H.L. You can find him in the small armory shop.
Player: water
Snake Eye: Water is for free. Do you want some?
Player: yes
Snake Eye: Here.
Player: Guido
Snake Eye: Never heard of him.
Player: Durin
Snake Eye: He's the worst. The so called god of the dwarves. I don't believe it. It's all crap.
Player: Stephan
Snake Eye: Never heard of him.
Player: Steve
Snake Eye: Never heard of him.
Player: king
Snake Eye: We don't need one.
Player: bye Snake Eye: Get lost, stinky dragon.

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