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Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Thais
Position 125.235, 126.39, 7
Personal Properties
Gender Female
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Clairvoyant
Other Properties
Version 8.7
December 8, 2010
Status Event
You see Smaralda.


Near Thais Lighthouse.


She only appears during the A Pirate's Death to Me World Task. First sighted January 21, 2011.

Trade Details


This NPC does not buy any items.


Item   Value
Scum Bag Other Items Other Items500


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Player: successful journeys
Smaralda: This world was successful in X journeys. 50 journeys are necessary to give the captain some peace for this month.
Player: job
Smaralda: My endeavours of the past are unimportant. I'm nothing but an old woman that sometimes dabbles with the mystic arts. ...
Smaralda: Now I'm just a fortuneteller and sometimes a helper of fate. And I know a few old stories.
Player: old stories
Smaralda: Of all stories that I could tell, there is only one that is of importance in these days. This is the story about the old pirate.
Player: pirate
Smaralda: The good old captain was never one of the evil bandits of the seas but a gentleman robber who actually fought for freedom and against slavery. ...
Smaralda: Of all the things, good or bad he did in his life, the most fateful was a promise he made to his people to bring back a holy icon that other pirates had robbed while he was away. ...
Smaralda: He tracked the icon to the Mourning Isles but there he met his cruel fate and died without fulfilling his promise.
Player: mourning isles
Smaralda: These isles seemed to be cursed by the gods even before the first living beings arrived there. Since then they've had a history of pain, treachery and desolation. But the lure of its treasures is still strong. ...
Smaralda: Many would try to brave the undead inhabitants of the isles to rob them of their treasure but there is no ship of the living that can still reach the isles.
Player: ship
Smaralda: No ordinary ship can hope to reach the legendary Mourning Isles. But there is one ship that could do it! It is the ship of the old pirate. ...
Smaralda: In these days he is looking for a crew of mortals to help him end his self-imposed curse.
Player: spirit
Smaralda: There are spirits all around us. Some are close to the world of the living, some are far away. Some of them sympathize with our trials and sense some kind of familiarity to us. ...
Smaralda: These spirits attach themselves to us for a period of time when they feel that our fate corresponds with certain aspects of their own. I learned how to visualise those spirits and therefore can say a bit about the future that might await you. ...
Smaralda: Even more, I connected those spirits to a certain symbolism to make the concept more accessible. I learned that people that share the same symbols are somehow connected by fate. ...
Smaralda: We can use this fact to help the captain to find his crew. He needs people who are connected to each other to help him in his quest.
Player: curse
Smaralda: The old pirate made a promise to return an icon from the Mourning Isles. A promise he could not fulfil. ...
Smaralda: Again and again he is looking for helpers that will allow him to summon his ship to this world and reach these cursed isles to finally find that icon. ...
Smaralda: You might be able to help him, but only after my soul seeing reveals which spirit mark will govern your life for the next cycle. ...
Smaralda: Even then you will have to find three others with the same spirit mark bound to them to provide the pirate with a strong and capable crew.
Player: soul seeing
Smaralda: Even if I reveal to you the spirit mark that I see on you, there will be another task before you can join the captain's crew. ...
Smaralda: Do you wish to know what kind of spirit is attached to your soul for this cycle?
Player: yes
Smaralda: So let me have a look into your soul my young friend. Are you sure you are prepared for your fate?
Player: yes
Smaralda: You are marked by the ROCK. Stoical you will endure the hazards around you. Take your time, wait and endure. ...
Smaralda: Problems will come and go as the seasons do without your interference. In the end, against all odds, you will still be there. Be patient, be strong, be resilient. ...
Smaralda: Be aware though that in the long run it is not a single event of great pressure that might crush you, but the steady wearing of your strength by forces that might go mostly unnoticed but are as persistent as yourself.
Player: join
Smaralda: To join the crew of the captain on a journey you will have to prove you are worthy. ...
Smaralda: You will have to catch some of the spectral scum for me. Are you willing to do that?
Player: yes
Smaralda: A wise decision. Take this scum bag and catch some of the spectral scum that haunts certain towns. ...
Smaralda: If you have caught five of them AND know your spirit mark, you may use my crystal ball to reach the old pirate captain in the netherworld.