Ship Captains normally provide passage for characters to travel between different seaports for a price (though some of them are out of work at the moment). Not all boats travel to all cities, simply ask for passage to learn what ports each captain services.

See also: Ferryman NPCs

Name Job Buy/Sell Location
Brodrosch Brodrosch Ship Captain
Ore Wagon System Ticket Seller
Far below Kazordoon.
Captain Bluebear Captain Bluebear Ship Captain Thais boat at Harbour and Main Street.
Captain Breezelda Captain Breezelda Ship Captain Svargrond, eastern part of city on her ship
Captain Chelop Captain Chelop Inquisitor
Ship Captain
Lower Roshamuul, near his ship
Captain Cookie Captain Cookie Ship Captain Yalahar, on the ship left of Karith's ship.
Captain Dreadnought Captain Dreadnought Ship Captain Dawnport, Adventurer's Outpost.
Captain Fearless Captain Fearless Ship Captain On his ship located at the harbor in northern Venore on Walk of Flame.
Captain Greyhound Captain Greyhound Ship Captain The boat at Carlin on Harbour Lane
Captain Haba Captain Haba Ship Captain Svargrond, eastern part of city on his ship
Captain Jack Captain Jack Ship Captain On his boat, docked at the Isle of the Kings
Captain Kurt Captain Kurt Ship Captain Northern Island of Destiny, on his boat
Captain Max Captain Max Ship Captain Liberty Bay on one of the eastern Boats at the dock (here), and on a boat above Calassa (here).
Captain Pelagia Captain Pelagia Ship Captain Krailos boat.
Captain Seagull Captain Seagull Ship Captain Ab'Dendriel dock in Underwood
Captain Seahorse Captain Seahorse Ship Captain North of Edron, on his boat
Captain Sinbeard Captain Sinbeard Ship Captain The dock of Ankrahmun, on his ship
Captain Tiberius Captain Tiberius Ship Captain Travora, on his ship.
Charles Charles Ship Captain Western end of Port Hope, on the boat.
Dalbrect Dalbrect Fisherman
Ship Captain
The port north and west of Carlin
Ghost Captain Ghost Captain Ship Captain Ghostship during A Pirate's Death to Me, deep below the Thais lighthouse.
Graubart Graubart Ship Captain
His house in southern Northport
Gurbasch Gurbasch Ship Captain 8 levels underground, below Cormaya, at the end of the Cormaya Street across from Cormaya 11.
Jack Fate Jack Fate Ship Captain On his ship at the Liberty Bay docks and eastern Goroma (here).
Junkar Junkar Ship Captain Near the Steamship in Thais (here), Robson Isle (here) and Awash mines (here).
Karith Karith Ship Captain In the harbour of Yalahar, in a ship one floor up.
Maris Maris Ship Captain In the Foreigner Quarter all the way north-west in the harbour. Also on Fenrock and on Mistrock.
Pemaret Pemaret Fisherman
Ship Captain
Northern port of Cormaya by Cormaya Street.
Petros Petros Ship Captain The docks of Darashia, on his boat
Thorgrin Thorgrin Ship Captain Farmine, on the steamship

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