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Shapeshifters morph their figure into something else than their original appearance.


Creature Exp HP Summon Convince Loot
Ashmunrah Ashmunrah 3100 5000 -- -- 0-319 gp, Great Mana Potion, Silver Brooch (semi-rare), Might Ring (semi-rare), Crown Armor (very rare), Mini Mummy (very rare), Holy Scarab (very rare), Hammer of Wrath (extremely rare).
Demon (Goblin) Demon (Goblin) 25 50 -- -- 0-9 gp, 0-4 Small Stone, Bone, Dagger, Leather Helmet, Short Sword, Fish, Mouldy Cheese, Leather Armor, Bone Club, Small Axe
Mimic Mimic 0 30 -- -- Nothing, turns into a empty chest when killed.
Nightstalker Nightstalker 500 700 -- -- 0-110 gp, Shadow Herb (semi-rare), Crystal Ring (rare), Protection Amulet (rare), Spirit Cloak (rare), Strong Mana Potion (rare), Boots of Haste (very rare), Chaos Mace (very rare), Crystal of Balance (very rare), Haunted Blade (very rare), Platinum Amulet (very rare).
Rahemos Rahemos 3100 3700 -- -- 0-242 gp, Ancient Rune (always), Great Mana Potion, 0-3 Small Amethysts, Ring of Healing (semi-rare), Magician Hat (rare), Violet Gem (rare), Mini Mummy (very rare), Orb (very rare), Twin Axe (very rare), Crystal Wand (extremely rare).
Son of Verminor Son of Verminor 5900 8500 -- -- Nothing (turns into a Poison Field).
Vampire Vampire 305 475 -- -- 0-60 gp, Vampire Teeth, Blood Preservation, Grave Flower (rare), Black Pearl (rare), Strong Health Potion (rare), Katana (rare), Skull (rare), Spike Sword (rare), Strange Helmet (rare), Ice Rapier (very rare), Vampire Shield (very rare), Bronze Amulet (very rare), Emerald Bangle (extremely rare).
Vampire Viscount Vampire Viscount 800 1200 -- -- 0-50 gp, Strong Health Potion, Strong Mana Potion, Tooth File, Vampire Teeth, 0-2 Small Rubies (semi-rare), Vampire's Cape Chain (semi-rare), Blood Preservation (semi-rare), Black Pearl (semi-rare), Ice Rapier (rare), Red Gem (rare), Vampire Shield (very rare), Red Piece of Cloth (extremely rare).

Shapeshifter Bosses

Creature Exp HP Summon Convince Loot
Fernfang Fernfang 600 400 -- -- 0-94 gp, 0-3 Platinum Coins, Strong Mana Potion, Sandals, Brown Flask, Bowl, Bread, Scroll, Sling Herb, Star Herb, Grave Flower, Plate, Lamp, 0-2 Staff, Blank Rune, Ankh, Safety Pin, Rope Belt, Life Crystal, Power Ring, Wolf Tooth Chain, Dirty Fur, Green Tunic, Yellow Gem, Wooden Whistle (rare), Book of Prayers (always).
Lord of the Elements Lord of the Elements 8000 8000 -- -- 0-10 Platinum Coin, Gold Ingot, 0-4 Small Sapphire, 0-4 Small Emerald, 0-4 Small Ruby, 0-4 Small Amethyst, Fireborn Giant Armor (rare), Earthborn Titan Armor (rare), Oceanborn Leviathan Armor (rare), Neutral Matter (always, skinning only).
Mutated Zalamon Mutated Zalamon ? 155000 -- -- Nothing. It turns into ashes that vanish quickly afterwards.
The Mutated Pumpkin The Mutated Pumpkin 30000~ 550000 -- -- (10.2 reward system) 10 Yummy Gummy Worms (always, for all), 5 Pumpkins (always, for all), Spiderwebs, Toy Spider, Skeleton Decoration, Bat Decoration.
The Pale Count The Pale Count 18000? 20000? -- -- Vampire Lord Token, Vampire's Cape Chain (always, for every player), Vampire Teeth, 0-100 Gold Coins, 0-5 Platinum Coin, 0-5 Small Emerald, 0-5 Small Sapphire, 0-5 Small Amethysts, 0-5 Small Diamonds, 0-5 Black Pearl, 0-3 Strong Health Potion, 0-5 Strong Mana Potion, Blood Preservation, Violet Gem, Epee, Stealth Ring, Ring of Healing, White Piece of Cloth, Blue Piece of Cloth, Red Piece of Cloth, Vampire Shield, Chaos Mace, Dreaded Cleaver, Vampire Lord Token, Spellbook of Lost Souls (rare?), The Vampire Count's Medal (rare), Silver Raid Token (rare), Haunted Mirror Piece (rare), Vampire Silk Slippers (rare), Vampire's Signet Ring (rare), and more?


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