Shadowthorn is an encampment of rogue elves, south-east of Venore. It is named for the impenetrable thorny vines that seem to have naturally formed the walls of this fortification.

The city has lots of Elves and Elf Scouts on the ground level and on the houses. During the Thornfire World Change, however, those will be gone and Shadowthorn will be inhabited by Firestarters. There are also Elf Arcanists in the deeper caves. The main building contains all kinds of Elves, including Elf Arcanists, and even some Dragons, Ghouls, Demon Skeletons and Cyclopses.

On the lowermost level, close to a single Dragon spawn, you can see strange carvings in the floor. These strange carvings seem to be placed with a regular order, not randomly, perhaps this is one of the dreampaths the Teshial caste has developed in their time.

This hunting spot is perfect for low level paladins, as the Elves drop lots of Bows and Arrows. Just remember to bring potions and food to heal yourself, as the Elves don't drop very good food and little of it.

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The Dragon Tower Quest, the Time Ring Quest, and the Heaven Blossom Quest can be found here. Sometimes the Thornfire World Change will be active.
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Creatures in Shadowthorn
Bog FrogBog Frog025
  • This creature drops no loot.
Elf ScoutElf Scout75160
Elf ArcanistElf Arcanist175220
Demon SkeletonDemon Skeleton240400

Only during the Thornfire World Change
Thornfire WolfThornfire Wolf200600
Crystal WolfCrystal Wolf275750
Elf OverseerElf Overseer290500

Getting there

With the 9.8 update access to Shadownthorn is considerably easier than before, mostly with the introduction of an east city exit. The following image shows the quickest route, although there are many distinct routes to take. Although not required, a Machete and Shovel are recommended to navigate the swamp.

Shadowthorn Route

See also other Hunting Places.

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