Servants work under a master and have to obey any command that is given them by their superiors. They differ from Assistant NPCs in that they are treated significantly more inferior to and by whom they work for.

See also: Assistant NPCs

Name Job Buy/Sell Location
A Dead Bureaucrat A Dead Bureaucrat Servant In the Pits of Inferno, in a long hall.
A Sleeping Dragon A Sleeping Dragon Servant Northern Zao.
An Imprisoned Goblin An Imprisoned Goblin Servant Krailos Mines.
Bertram Bertram Servant North-east in Liberty Bay
Bozarn Bozarn Servant Northeast Darashia on Darashia Street above Darashia 5.
Broken Servant Sentry Broken Servant Sentry Servant South of Rabaz, west of steamship
Golem Servant Golem Servant Servant Below Fenrock, in a room behind an Energy Fence.
Kais Kais Servant
Near the Forbidden Lands in the north of Tiquanda.
Kizar NoItem Servant In the First Dragon Lair, deep below Nostalgia.
Nibble Nibble Tribe Leader
Krailos Village.
Servant Sentry Servant Sentry Servant Edron, east of the Ivory Towers

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