Scientists study and/or practice all kinds of sciences, from physics to astronomy, and are often a little scatterbrained.

Name Job Buy/Sell Location
A Strange Chalice A Strange Chalice Scientist Zao
Barnabas Dee Barnabas Dee Sorcerer
Sorcerer Guild Leader
Two floors up, in the north-east of Upper Rathleton
Boveas Boveas Scientist North in Mintwallin, close to the city entrance
Cerdras Cerdras Druid
Carlin Druid's Guild on Magician's Alley
Doubleday Doubleday Scientist Rathleton Workshop Quarter near the upper city ramp
Dr Merlay Dr Merlay Scientist Rathleton Sewers
Elbert Elbert Scientist To the south inside the Underground Glooth Factory
Eruaran Eruaran Inquisitor
Upper Roshamuul, east of depot on top of the central mountain
Falonzo Falonzo Scientist Fury Dungeon, deep below Edron.
Gederas Gederas Inquisitor
Lower Roshamuul
Georgia Rainbird Georgia Rainbird Scientist Underground Glooth Factory
Jamesfrancis NoItem Scientist Entrance of the Minotaurs cult cave through a teleport in Mintwallin.
Klesar Klesar Scientist Underground Glooth Factory
Larek Larek Adventurer
Equipment Shopkeeper
Jewelry Shopkeeper
Krailos depot.
Mazarius Mazarius Scientist Northeast Darashia floor -1 on Darashia Street above Darashia 5.
Milos Milos Scientist
Edron Ivory Towers, north-western tower 4 floors up
Mr Morris Mr Morris Adventurer
Dawnport, Adventurer's Outpost.
Owin Owin Hunter
On Grimvale, northernmost hut.
Rabaz Rabaz Magic Shopkeeper
Farmine, north-west of the steamship
Sinclair Sinclair Scientist Edron Ivory Towers, central tower
Spectulus Spectulus Scientist
Edron Ivory Towers, top floor of the center tower
Telas Telas Scientist
Just south-west of Stonehome, in his house
Zeronex Zeronex Scientist Rathleton Workshop Quarter on top of the old factory

Other Scientists: Arisophlus, Dave Charlwin, Isaac Brewton

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