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Santa Claus NPC Santa Claus

Location: Has a house on the Ice Island of Vega. Around Christmas each year, he can be found in or near each major town, usually near the Depot.

Ab'Dendriel: Underground shops, near Shanar.
Ankrahmun: In the Tavern west from boat.
Carlin: At Dane's shop (underground), south west of depot.
Darashia: South of town, next to the Tavern.
Edron: Inside Castle, next to the Depot.
Farmine: In the Tavern west from the steamship.
Gray Beach: inside the Depot.
Kazordoon: Jolly Axeman Tavern.
Liberty Bay: West of the depot.
Port Hope: Grassy area south of depot.
Svargrond: West of depot.
Thais: At Frodo's shop, north east of depot.
Venore: Under main depot.

Yalahar: In the Tavern east from depot.
Occupation: Gift Giver
Sound(s): None.
Notes: There are rumors that if you are nice to him, he will give you a present. The present you receive is random.

You might receive:

Presents which are only given to a few lucky players:

Also if your server did successful Lightbearer event and you kept all 10 fire basins burning you may ask him for a Very special present.
As a reward you will receive Blazebringer.
In previous years Santa Clauses were controlled by CipSoft employees, and could hurt you if you were foulmouthed.
At that time he also gave away a larger variety of items.
In those times Knightmare organized races to find Santa Claus, giving a Teddy Bear to the winner.
He is nowadays only giving extremely lucky persons on any server the precious Teddy Bear.

During one year Santa had better gifts in premium cities, but has since returned to his usual self, giving random presents in every city. Appears approximetely at mid december. See also Santa/Presents.
Items traded:
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