Sages are mentors in spiritual and philosophical topics and are renowned for having profound wisdom that only comes with age and experience.

Name Job Buy/Sell Location
A Ghostly Sage A Ghostly Sage Sage In the Pits of Inferno under the Plains of Havoc.
Cael Cael Sage Farmine, north of the steamship and armory.
Edala Edala Sage
Suntower near Ab'Dendriel
Edowir Edowir Clairvoyant
White Flower Temple, south of Thais.
Eremo Eremo Sage
Eremo's Island, a small island between Edron and Cormaya.
Lavirias Lavirias Sage West of depot
Spirit Speaker Spirit Speaker Shaman
Western Venore swamps

Other Sages: Alatar, Jakundaf

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