Blank Rune Blank Rune, the first tool you need in rune making.

Runes can be further sub categorized into 5 basic component forms.

Burned Icon AttackElectrified Icon FieldDazzled Icon HealingCursed Icon SummonFreezing Icon Support

A rune is essentially a magic spell, stored in a stone. Runes cannot be made by knights, but can be used by any profession.

Each type of rune requires a different minimum level and magic level to use (e.g. an Ultimate Healing Rune requires level 24 and magic level 4 to use). Therefore, if a knight wants to use an Ultimate Healing Rune, they will have to get level 24 and train their magic level at least to 4. A higher magic level increases the effects of the rune.

In order to make a rune, you need to have that rune's specific rune making spell. For example, to make an Intense Healing Rune, you need to buy the "Intense Healing Rune" spell for 600 gp, not just the "Intense Healing" spell bought for 350 gp. When making runes you will use your soul points.

To create a rune, simply speak the spell words while having a blank rune anywhere in your backpack.

Note: As of the 2010 Summer Update, runes and potions have become stackable items. Also you don't have to put the blank rune in your hands anymore since it will be automatically made if you successfully cast the spell while having blank runes in your backpack.

Rune spells always start with Ad.

SpellbookIf you are interested in a developed study of spellwords, take time to check the Magic Syllables page.

The immovable object Spell Rune works like a rune.

Be aware there is a small delay when using a rune. They do not fire instantly as they once did.

List of Runes

The following items are a blank rune turned into a spell rune.

Name Type Level Magic Level NPC Price (gp) Weight (oz)
Animate Dead Rune Animate Dead Rune Support Runes 27 4 375 2.10
Avalanche Rune Avalanche Rune Attack Runes 30 4 45 0.52
Chameleon Rune Chameleon Rune Support Runes 27 4 210 2.10
Convince Creature Rune Convince Creature Rune Support Runes 16 5 80 2.10
Cure Poison Rune (Item) Cure Poison Rune (Item) Healing Runes 15 0 65 2.10
Destroy Field Rune Destroy Field Rune Support Runes 17 3 15 0.70
Disintegrate Rune Disintegrate Rune Support Runes 21 4 26 0.70
Energy Bomb Rune Energy Bomb Rune Attack Runes 37 10 162 1.05
Energy Field Rune Energy Field Rune Attack Runes 18 3 38 0.70
Energy Wall Rune Energy Wall Rune Attack Runes 41 9 85 0.52
Explosion Rune Explosion Rune Attack Runes 31 6 31 0.35
Fire Bomb Rune Fire Bomb Rune Attack Runes 27 5 117 1.05
Fire Field Rune Fire Field Rune Attack Runes 15 1 28 0.70
Fire Wall Rune Fire Wall Rune Attack Runes 33 6 61 0.52
Fireball Rune Fireball Rune Attack Runes 27 4 30 0.42
Great Fireball Rune Great Fireball Rune Attack Runes 30 4 45 0.52
Heavy Magic Missile Rune Heavy Magic Missile Rune Attack Runes 25 3 12 0.21
Holy Missile Rune Holy Missile Rune Attack Runes 27 4 16 0.42
Icicle Rune Icicle Rune Attack Runes 28 4 30 0.42
Intense Healing Rune (Item) Intense Healing Rune (Item) Healing Runes 15 1 95 2.10
Light Magic Missile Rune Light Magic Missile Rune Attack Runes 15 0 4 0.21
Light Stone Shower Rune Light Stone Shower Rune Attack Runes 1 0 25 2.10
Lightest Magic Missile Rune Lightest Magic Missile Rune Attack Runes 1 0 0 0.21
Lightest Missile Rune Lightest Missile Rune Attack Runes 1 0 20 2.10
Magic Wall Rune Magic Wall Rune Attack Runes 32 9 116 0.70
Paralyse Rune Paralyse Rune Attack Runes 54 18 700 2.10
Poison Bomb Rune Poison Bomb Rune Attack Runes 25 4 85 1.05
Poison Field Rune Poison Field Rune Attack Runes 14 0 21 0.70
Poison Wall Rune Poison Wall Rune Attack Runes 29 5 52 0.52
Soulfire Rune Soulfire Rune Attack Runes 27 7 46 0.70
Stalagmite Rune Stalagmite Rune Attack Runes 24 3 12 0.21
Stone Shower Rune Stone Shower Rune Attack Runes 28 4 37 0.52
Sudden Death Rune Sudden Death Rune Attack Runes 45 15 108 0.70
Thunderstorm Rune Thunderstorm Rune Attack Runes 28 4 37 0.52
Ultimate Healing Rune (Item) Ultimate Healing Rune (Item) Healing Runes 24 4 175 2.10
Wild Growth Rune Wild Growth Rune Attack Runes 27 8 160 1.05
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