Royal Helmet

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This item is in the Body Equipment class, Helmets sub-class
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Royal Helmet Royal Helmet
An excellent masterpiece of a smith.
Attributes: Arm: 9
Weight: 48.00 oz.
i Transferable: Yes, but restricted.
Loot value: 30,000 - 35,000 gp.
Dropped by:
Dragon Lord, Frost Dragon, Hydra, Lost Berserker, Serpent Spawn, Shock Head, The Many, The Noxious Spawn, The Welter, Undead Dragon, Ushuriel, Zanakeph.
Buy from: Players only.
Sell to:
NPC City Value
in gp
Nah'BobAnkrahmun*30000Only if friendly with the blue djinns
Notes: A popular helmet, most high level Players have it because it is relatively common. It is one of the best in Tibia.
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2 Royal Helmets can be traded for a Fighting Spirit to Haroun or Yaman.
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