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Roshamuul NPCs (12 NPCs)

Name   Job Buy/Sell Location
Asnarus Asnarus Inquisitor Yes Upper Roshamuul, under Depot
Auron Auron Inquisitor Yes Upper Roshamuul, west of the Depot
Captain Chelop Captain Chelop Inquisitor no Lower Roshamuul, near his ship
Dream Butterfly Dream Butterfly Inquisitor no Upper Roshamuul, east of the central mountain
Eruaran Eruaran Inquisitor no Upper Roshamuul, east of depot on top of the central mountain
Gederas Gederas Inquisitor no Lower Roshamuul
Maun Maun Inquisitor yes Lower Roshamuul, east of the ship.
Morax Morax Inquisitor no On the second floor of a ruined building in Roshamuul, east-northeast of the depot, slightly north of the central mountain
Mortis Mortis Inquisitor no On the bridge between Lower and Central Roshamuul
Sandomo Sandomo Inquisitor no Lower Roshamuul
Siestaar Siestaar Inquisitor no Upper Roshamuul, under the Depot
Zedrulon the Fallen Zedrulon the Fallen Inquisitor no Roshamuul Temple, west of depot in Upper Roshamuul

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