Even though Roshamuul does not have a main library, some books can be found scattered around the city nevertheless. In addition, the Feyrist peninsula also contains some books, as well as the Gnome Deep Hub accessed through Kazordoon and the Nightmare Isles accessed through Devourer or Kha'labal.


Name Type Description
Roshamuul Prison (Book) Sheet of Paper
Roshamuul Prisoners (Book) Sheet of Paper
Roshamuul Spies (Book) Sheet of Paper
The Dreamers (Book) Sheet of Paper


Name Type Description
Offline Training (Book) Large Book How to train when offline.

Gnome Deep Hub

Name Type Description
Council Dispute (Book) Parchment (Yellow)
Diary of Luis (Book) Parchment (White) A permanently stationed guard slowly starts realising that no one will ever visit him again.
Research Notes of Dolis II (Book) Book (Fat Green)
Research Notes of Dolis I (Book) Book (Grey)
The Travelling Savant (Book) Book (Fat Green) An Edron magician traveled around the world, but it's unclear in what order he did so, which souvenir he found on which trip and in what way he obtained these.

Nightmare Isles

Name Type Description
Desert Storm (Book) Old Piece of Paper A seemingly simple cartography job ends in disaster.