A Recovery Key is a combination of numbers and letters that is attributed to your account after you register your account. This combination is asked in the Lost Account Interface in case you are hacked and lose access to your e-mail, and, if entered correctly, it instantly changes the e-mail attributed to the account.

Requesting a new recovery key

If you lose your recovery key, you can request one for €5.

A letter will be sent to the address that you provided into the account registration proccess with a confirmation key.

Using this key in the lost account interface (account > lost account > (enter one of the characters of your account name) > I need a new recovery key (you won't see this option if your account wasn't registered) > I have already received the letter with the confirmation key for a new recovery key > Yes, i would like to get a new recovery key > (enter the key). This way you will get your new recovery key.

The total process can take up to a month, (be careful, the confirmation key is only valid for a period of 60 days).


-Write down this recovery key carefully.

-Store it at a safe place! Do not save it on your computer!

-You will not receive an email containing this recovery key.

-You cannot use your confirmation key twice to get a new recovery key. If you lose this new recovery key you must request a new recovery letter for another fee.

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