Rebels are renegades wanting to overthrow a certain regime.

Name Job Buy/Sell Location
Ariella Ariella Rebel
Sabrehaven on Meriana
Chartan Chartan Rebel
Clan Leader
Zao Rebel Camp
Duncan Duncan Rebel
Furniture Shopkeeper
Sabrehaven on Meriana
Ezean Ezean Rebel
Zao Rebel Camp
Gamel Gamel Rebel
Weapon Shopkeeper
in Thais, north-west of the depot in the basement of the docks
Karl Karl Rebel
Carlin Sewers.
Klaus Klaus Rebel
Tribe Leader
Nargor tavern.
Lizard Prisoner Lizard Prisoner Rebel Chaochai, on the Muggy Plains.
One-Eyed Joe One-Eyed Joe Rebel
Nargor, east of the 2 ships.
Raymond Striker Raymond Striker Rebel
Clan Leader
East part of Sabrehaven on Meriana
Rebel Rebel Rebel Zao Rebel Camp
Sebastian Sebastian Rebel
South of Sabrehaven on Meriana and on Nargor, here.
Shortsighted Dwarf Shortsighted Dwarf Rebel Kazordoon, in a cave.
Vulturenose Vulturenose Rebel
Nargor tavern entrance.
William William Rebel Carlin sewers
Zizzle Zizzle Rebel Northern Zao, deep below the draken fortress.
Zlak Zlak Rebel Razachai, north of Zao, west of the Rebel Camp.

Other Rebels: Captain Kid, Rapp Scallion, Nutty Jack, Captain Nathaniel

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