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Razachai, the great city of northern Zao.

When the reign of the dragons over Zao begun, many old traditions fell out of grace and into oblivion, among them the philosopher monks who travelled the land to teach people and serve as negotiators and judges. In Razachai, the northern region of Zao, you will not only find the landscape to be even more tainted by the corruption but also its creatures. The corruption in Razachai comes in many different ways. Sometimes the corruption rather affects the soul than the body and does not become apparent during a whole lifetime. Only in death these pitiful beings learn the horrid truth when their tainted souls twists their nature, refusing them the afterlife that awaited them. And so they are bound to the realm of mortals in an ethereal form, tormented by an eternal hunger and plagued by their twisted vision of the world around them.

Even the mighty Draken are not immune to the massive corruption in Razachai. Some of them have become disfigured in body and soul, a disgrace for their own kind. Being physically even more powerful than ordinary Draken but easily influenced by magic they became slaves and servants of the Draken Spellweavers who completely turned them into loyal and obedient drones without any own ambition. With brutish force, they usually attack anything that does not belong to the place they are bound to. If their wild rage is triggered, they become berserking behemoths of destruction. Nonetheless, Draken are characterised by power and competence, known for their merciless training and their honour. All of them use the best of their abilities to serve the dragon emperor, willing to die for making the slightest mistake. Yet only the best of the best make it into the elite of the Draken society. Each of them is a one-man-army, a living weapon at the disposal of the emperor, able to wield arcane power and weapons alike, with an impressive physique as well as outstanding combat skills and spell casting abilities. Occasionally, the emperor lends some of the elite warriors to one of the dragon kings. Sometimes in times of need, sometimes as a token of respect. In any way, the elite forces handle even the most trivial duties assigned to them with precision and unwavering diligence.

Razachai holds massive challenges, tricky missions and precious new items. Access to Razachai is gained through the Wrath of the Emperor Quest.

Hunting opportunities

Razachai contains 4 of the most hunted areas in the game, all tailored for high levels (150+).

It also contains some lesser hunting places:


Razachai NPCs (6 NPCs)
A Sleeping DragonA Sleeping DragonServantNorthern Zao.
Awareness of the EmperorAwareness of the EmperorMonarchOn a small room deep below Razzachai.
Gate GuardianGate GuardianGuardNorthern Zao.
ZizzleZizzleRebelNorthern Zao, deep below the draken fortress.
ZlakZlakRebelRazachai, north of Zao, west of the Rebel Camp.

Creatures in the main area

Creatures in the main area
Lizard LegionnaireLizard Legionnaire11001400
Lizard Dragon PriestLizard Dragon Priest13201450
Lizard High GuardLizard High Guard14501800
Lizard ZaogunLizard Zaogun17002955
Lizard NobleLizard Noble20007000
Lizard MagistratusLizard Magistratus20008000
Draken WarmasterDraken Warmaster24004150
Draken SpellweaverDraken Spellweaver31005000

Creatures in the sewers

Creatures in the sewers
Lancer BeetleLancer Beetle275400
Mutated RatMutated Rat450550
Wailing WidowWailing Widow450850
Brimstone BugBrimstone Bug9001300

Creatures in the palace

Creatures in the palace
Dragon Lord HatchlingDragon Lord Hatchling645750
Lizard Dragon PriestLizard Dragon Priest13201450
Lizard ZaogunLizard Zaogun17002955
Frost DragonFrost Dragon21001800
Dragon LordDragon Lord21001900
Lizard ChosenLizard Chosen22003050
Draken WarmasterDraken Warmaster24004150
Serpent SpawnSerpent Spawn30503000
Draken SpellweaverDraken Spellweaver31005000
Draken AbominationDraken Abomination38006250
Draken EliteDraken Elite42005550
Ghastly DragonGhastly Dragon46007800
Undead DragonUndead Dragon72008350


Razachai Boss Creatures
Fury of the EmperorFury of the Emperor550~51000
  • This creature drops no loot.
Wrath of the EmperorWrath of the Emperor60055000
  • This creature drops no loot.
Scorn of the EmperorScorn of the Emperor45045000
  • This creature drops no loot.
Spite of the EmperorSpite of the Emperor500~48000
  • This creature drops no loot.
Snake God EssenceSnake God Essence741065000
  • This creature drops no loot.
Snake ThingSnake Thing8400?70000
  • This creature drops no loot.
Lizard AbominationLizard Abomination9700?95000
  • This creature drops no loot.
Mutated ZalamonMutated Zalamon10980~155000
  • This creature drops no loot.
Paiz the PauperizerPaiz the Pauperizer63008500

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