Ramoa is the island located in the north-west of Goroma. Ramoa is the second largest island of the Forbidden Islands. The island is covered with dry bush and dead trees and is coated from head to toe with Undead. There are too many bonebeasts to count and a single giant spider near the center. Great caution is suggested. One wrong move and you could be trapped by a dozen undead. Ramoa is the first island you reach through the teleportation chain using the Teleportation Hub. The Teleportation Hub is to the north-east from the hole you come up.

The Giant Spider spawns just a little bit south of the teleportation hub staircase; the Water Elementals spawn further south-west, and can be avoided relatively easily.

Paladins and mages get a really high profit when hunting here, especially if you bring an obsidian knife to skin the bonebeasts. This is not a really good place for knights because every creature in this island has a high melee.

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Ramoa is accessed through The Shattered Isles Quest, through the Goroma volcano, and leads to Talahu through an underground passage. To get to Ramoa, you must have at least given Chondur the Spellbook of Dragha, found on Goroma.
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Ramoa Creatures
Crypt ShamblerCrypt Shambler195330
Demon SkeletonDemon Skeleton240400
Water ElementalWater Elemental650550
Giant SpiderGiant Spider9001300

See also:

Lich Hell

Ramoa is also the home to Lich Hell.

Lich Hell

Lich hell Creatures
Demon SkeletonDemon Skeleton240400

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