Rage of the Skies

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This spell is in the Attack Spells class.
8.1 (December 11, 2007)
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Rage of the Skies Rage of the Skies
Spell Class: Instant Attack Spells (Energy Damage)
Spell Words: exevo gran mas vis
Exp Level: 55+
Cooldown Period: 40 seconds (shares with the 4s group)
Premium: Yes
Used by: Sorcerers
(requires 600 mana)
Spell cost: 6000 gp.
Buy spell from:
Town / VocationSorcerers
Liberty Bay--
Port Hope--
Effect: Electrified Icon Causes Energy Damage on 85 squares around the caster. It is larger than Hell's Core, but weaker.

Rage of the skies1

Notes: New spell in Winter Update 2007 (it replaced the old ultimate explosion spell). Similar as Wrath of Nature because it has the same spell range. You can only have one of the two Ultimate Spells of your vocation at a time. To change between them, go to Edron and ask Zoltan. He will charge you 500 gold for it.

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