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9.4 (December 14, 2011)
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None Quirefang
Ruled by: Old Rock Boy
Population: 6
Organizations: None.
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This area was implemented in the Winter Update 2011. Quirefang is a large island where two races are fighting for supremacy. It is only accessible through the Gray Island, a small isle to the west of Cormaya, that can only be reached by the eastern harbours. Once one arrives on the Gray Beach, a small town located on the sourthern part of the island, they may find a Depot, a Temple and some Rockboys. To the north, there is the Hive a land of insectoids known as the Hive Born. In the depths below Quirefang one can find Fiehonja, where the Deeplings reside.

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There are two quests here called the Liquid Black Quest and War Against The Hive Quest.
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