Player: hi
Quero: Welcome Player! Can I help you?
Player: job
Quero: I make instruments and sometimes I'm wandering through the lands of Tibia as a bard.
Player: instruments or offer
Quero: You can buy a lyre, lute, drum, and simple fanfare.
Player: bard
Quero: Selling instruments isn't enough to live on and I love music. That's why I wander through the lands from time to time.
Player: music
Quero: I love the music of the elves.
Player: Elf
Quero: They live in the northeast of Tibia.
Player: name
Quero: My name is Quero.
Player: time
Quero: Sorry, I don't know what time it is.
Player: Benjamin
Quero: He's nice.
Player: Eclesius
Quero: That name rings a bell, wait... I've last seen him several days ago when he went to buy some bread at the farm.
Player: bye
Quero: Good bye.

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