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Prismatic Necklace
Prismatic Ring
Prismatic Helmet
Prismatic Armor
Prismatic Legs
Prismatic Boots
Prismatic Shield

Implemented with the summer update version 9.6. This set is obtained by trading Major Crystalline Tokens with Gnomally at Gnomegate. The set is split between paladins and knights, knights getting the helmet and shield, paladins getting the legs and boots, and the both sharing the armor. The druid and sorcerer equivalent is the Gill Set.

It gives around 33% physical protection, 15% against Energy Damage, 3% against Death Damage, increases your Shielding skill by 3 for knights, your distance fighting by 2 for paladins, gives a Speed bonus of 30 points for paladins and 15 for knights. Prismatic Ring and Prismatic Armor require level 120 to wear, The rest of the set requires level 150. No one vocation can wear the full set, only knights can wear Prismatic Helmet or Prismatic Shield, and only paladins can wear Prismatic Legs or Prismatic Boots.

ItemResistancesAttributesDropped byLevel
Prismatic Necklace[1]physical +10%, energy +15%Unknown.
Prismatic Helmetphysical +5%shielding +1None.
Prismatic Armorphysical +5%speed +15None.
Prismatic Legsphysical +3%distance fighting +2None.
Prismatic Bootsdeath +3%speed +15Unknown.
Prismatic Shieldphysical +4%shielding +2Unknown.
Prismatic Ring[2]physical +10%, energy +8%None.
  1. ^ Prismatic Necklace has a limited number of charges (750).
  2. ^ Prismatic Ring has a time limit. A full ring will run out in 1 hour.

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