Prey Button The prey system gives you a bonus while hunting a certain creature for a certain amount of time. It was introduced with the 2016 Winter Update and first announced on October 27, 2016.[1]

How it works


The Prey widget

Players who reached the mainland can right-click on their character and choose "prey system" from a context menu, use the hotkey Ctrl + Y or the Prey widget to open a window as shown in the screenshots further down this page. There are three prey slots:

Free account players can buy two permanent prey slots.


From each of the prey slots you can choose one creature out of 9 creatures. These 9 creatures are randomly selected from a large pool of creatures, but there will always be some low-level creatures, some mid-level creatures and some high-level creatures.

If you don't want to hunt any of the 9 creatures presented to you, you have several options:

  • Wait 20 hours for a free creature list reroll, which counts for each prey slot;
  • Buy extra list rerolls with gold coins if needed, the price depending on your level.

After you selected a creature and a bonus, a timer will run for 2 hours when hunting any creature, not just the one you selected to hunt. When the 2 hours are over the creature your selected will vanish from the prey slot and you can select another one.


The moment you select a creature you receive a bonus with it. The bonuses are:

  • (player) damage boost of 7% - 25% (steps of 2%);
  • (creature) damage reduction of 12% - 30% (steps of 2%);
  • bonus experience 13% - 40% of (steps of 3%);
  • improved loot 13% - 40% of (steps of 3%).

If you don't like the bonus you received you can do one of the following:

  • Use a List Reroll and select a different creature;
  • Use a Prey Bonus Reroll;
  • Hunt the creature with the bonus anyways for 2 hours and hope for better luck next time.

Each bonus has 10 steps and a reroll will always improve your current step (up to the maximum) and may change your bonus type. If you are already at step 10 the bonus type is guaranteed to change with a reroll.

The improved loot bonus works in the following manner. If you have an improved loot bonus with an effect of 15% this means there is a 15% chance that the monster will have another set of loot generated, basically it will behave as if you killed the monster twice.



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