About Edit

  • Premia is the one and only world with access only for premium players.
  • Premia is currently home of more than 300 players over level 200. Premia is currently also the home to 66 players over level 500.
  • During the years 2012 and 2013, the guild Innervision transferred from Trimera to Premia which additionally brought many new high levels. Most of them were deleted after the massive deletion waves made by CipSoft in 2014.
  • Currently in 2018. the guild Non Lifers runs the server. It is peaceful and currently full of neutral guilds.
  • Vicium is currently the highest level player at 990.

Quests and Achievements Edit

  • First player to reach level 200 was Jens Ferdinand.
  • First knight to reach magic level 9 and 10 was Jevahi.

Guilds & Wars Edit

  • Premia has seen a dramatic change over the past few months. The guild Wrath has kicked Violent Saints from power.
  • The guild Innervision has recently transferred from Trimera and is fighting for control over the server.
  • From 2013: The Brazilian guild called Challenger has been ruling the server. No war has been set until now.
  • From 2015: Tuts Tuts tried to overthrow Challenger without any success ending in many members of Tuts Tuts paying out of the war. Another attempt was made by Tuts Tuts the same year in October, this time allied with leading guild from Iona (Reapers).

Additional info Edit


  • Community is changing rapidly due to the war between Challengers and Tuts Tuts.


  • Since the guild Challengers took over the server, Premia has seen an increase in the number of botters. The community is mixed at the moment due to the coming of a new guild Tuts Tuts.
  • It is hard to sell items to players. Many items are really cheap or overpriced.
  • A rather slow spawn time compared to other servers due to spawn rates being dependant on how many players are online.
  • Due to the world transfers system, Premia's population has risen and the number of random player killers and power abusers has increased.

Additional Items:

  • The most inhabited cities in Premia are Ankrahmun, Yalahar, and Liberty Bay.
  • Premia is also known for having a great community and having great events. In most recent history the Premia community has built a large parcel castle using 745 parcels and a server wide screen shot, both of which was arranged by Naxedaxu Poisonbolt and Thornhall.