Port Hope Swamp Trolls

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Near the city of Port Hope there is a cave with many Swamp Trolls suited for players at level 8 to 20. It is also a good place for any player who wishes to collect some food. There's a cave with a single Crab also known as the Holy Crab and a Bonelord spawn so be careful when exploring the area. You can enter the cave using a hole here or here. The cave furthest south, with the Rats, Bugs and Spiders, is also connected to the Tiquanda Bandit Caves, accessible through the hole located here.

Port Hope Swamp Trolls

Name   Exp HP sum/con Loot
Cave Rat Cave Rat 10 30 250/250
Bug Bug 18 29 250/250
Spider Spider 12 20 210/210
Poison Spider Poison Spider 22 26 270/--
Swamp Troll Swamp Troll 25 55 320/--
Crab Crab 30 55 305/305
Skeleton Skeleton 35 50 300/300
Bonelord Bonelord 170 260 --/--


PH Swamp Troll 1a
The first floor, filled with cave rats, bugs and spiders.

PH Swamp Troll 1b
A lot of swamp trolls in this room. Also an exit to the surface.

PH Swamp Troll 2a
Second floor, swamp trolls and poison spiders.

PH Swamp Troll 2b
The main floor, swamp trolls, poison spiders and skeletons, red circle is the bonelord hole and blue is the holy crab spawn.

PH Swamp Troll 3
Third floor, swamp trolls, poison spiders, the bonelord spawn (north-east cave) and holy crab cave (north-west).

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