The ferrymen of Port Hope can take you to different parts of the city.
Imbul is found on the north side of the river, close to the Boat, in the west part of the city.
Old Adall is also found on the north side of the river, directly south of the Depot, in the centre of the city.
Lorek is found on the south side of the river, south of the Explorer Society, on the east part of the city. (*He will transport you to Banuta, Chor and near the mountain pass to Darama if you have the rank of Ranger (or higher) in the Paw and Fur Society.)

The ferries and surrounding areas are Protection Zones.

Prices Table

  West Centre East Banuta Chor Mountain Pass
West - 7 7 - - -
Centre 7 - 7 - - -
East 7 7 - 30* 30* 30*

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