Property Value
General Properties
Name Poison Gas
Item ID 2121
Classification Fields
Other Properties
Walk Speed
Version Pre-6.0
Status Active
Poison Gas
You see poison gas.


Can be found anywhere outside of Protection Zones, but more common in swampy areas.


By stepping on one of these you will get the Poisoned status and take 5 points of damage on contact. Then you will lose damage over time, starting at 5 damage per turn for a total of 4x5+5x4+7x3+10x2+19x1=100 total damage. Its effects can be cured by the Antidote spell or Antidote Runes and the gas can be removed by using a Destroy Field Rune on it.
Looks the same as Plant Poison.
See also: Slime (Liquid), Earth Damage, and Poisoned

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