The main purpose for a Player Killing Set is simply for killing other players. It has a high armor value for being a very cheap set of equipment. The idea is to risk as little as possible but still gain decent or even great protection versus physical attacks. The total armor value for this set is 27 armor and is worth a very cheap 2,115 gp to NPCs. This equipment set will work well for Druids, Sorcerers and Paladins by changing to their preferred attacking weapon such as rods, wands and spears.

The following weapons of choice are carefully selected to be as cheap as possible while still giving Knights a high offensive power depending on the level. As can be seen there are more club weapons here which may suggest that club is the ideal choice of weapon for effective player killing.

  • Morning Star: No level, Atk:25, Def:11.
  • Clerical Mace: Level 20 Atk:28, Def:15+1. Provides extra defence.
  • Crystal Sword: Level 25 Atk:35, Def:26. A perfect substitute for Dwarven Shield due to the same defence value.
  • Zaoan Halberd: Level 25 Atk:37, Def:15. In some cases hard to obtain but high attack value.
  • Warhammer: Level 45 and Atk:45, Def:10. Perhaps the most valued weapon due to the very low buying price.
Morning Star
Devil Helmet
Noble Armor
Plate Legs
Leather Boots
Dwarven Shield

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