The Pharaoh Rares are items which are notable as very rare loot of the Pharaohs. They were once very rare items sought by collectors, but many of the items have declined in value thanks to new obtain methods.

Name Attributes Weight (oz) Dropped By
Ancient Tiara Ancient Tiara Arm: 0 8.20
Crystal Mace Crystal Mace Atk: 38, Def: 16 +1, Enchantable 80.00
Crystal Wand Crystal Wand 28.00
Djinn Blade Djinn Blade Atk: 38, Def: 22 +2 24.50
Hammer of Wrath Hammer of Wrath Atk: 48, Def: 12 70.00
Holy Falcon Holy Falcon 8.40
Holy Scarab Holy Scarab 8.70
Magician Hat Magician Hat Arm: 1 7.50
Pharaoh Sword Pharaoh Sword Atk: 41, Def: 23 +2 52.00
Phoenix Shield Phoenix Shield Def: 34 35.00
Ravager's Axe Ravager's Axe Atk: 49, Def: 14 52.50
Twin Axe Twin Axe Atk: 45, Def: 24 64.00

Items which lost their status of rarity

These items are no longer considered rare for a collector because they have other obtain methods significantly easier than hunting pharaohs.

Items which lost their status of unique pharaoh loot

These items were not harmed so much by the addition of obtain methods as those means to obtain them are quite difficult. Still, they are no longer unique rares dropped by pharaohs.

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