Player: hello or hi
Penny: Welcome home, Sir/Lady player.
Player: bye or farewell
Penny: Farewell, and may Justice be with you!
Player: name
Penny: I am miss Penny, your secretary.
Player: penny
Penny: Yep, Penny's my name. You seem to be as smart as you're talkative.
Player: job
Penny: I'm a secretary. I'm organising all those papers and your mail.
Player: criminal or record or paper
Penny: <Sigh> It's an evil world, isn't it?
Player: mail
Penny: You can get a letter from me.
Player: letter
Penny: Here you are.
Player: ?
Penny: Don't stare at me.
Player: <vanish>
Penny: Wait... will you take me a diamond when you're back?

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