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Paladin Guild Leader NPCs can teach spells to paladins that they cannot learn elsewhere. Some of these npcs also know spells for other vocations as well. Please note that not all of these NPCs can teach the same spells.

See also Guild Leader NPCs.

NPCs that can teach Paladins' Spells

Name   Job Buy/Sell Location
Asrak Asrak Guild Leader yes 4 floors below Venore depot, right side, here.
Dario Dario Fletcher yes Ankrahmun Arena, two floors up.
Elane Elane Paladin Guild Leader yes Thais, south of Thais depot at Harbour Street and Upper Swamp Lane, here.
Elathriel Elathriel Sheriff yes 3 floors underground at the Prison on Shadow Caves Street
Eliza Eliza Spell Instructor yes Edron Ivory Towers, southern tower
Eroth Eroth Caste Leader yes First floor above ground west of Depot in Treetop
Ethan Ethan Paladin Guild Leader yes Yalahar, north-east from the Magician Quarter's entrance (here).
Faluae Faluae Caste Leader yes Ab'Dendriel, west of depot in Underwood
Hawkyr Hawkyr Paladin Guild Leader yes Svargrond, right to Arena, here
Helor Helor Paladin Guild Leader yes North-west Port Hope on Haggler's Hangout first floor of Port Hope Tavern, here.
Isolde Isolde Paladin Guild Leader yes Liberty Bay Fort, second floor, here.
Legola Legola Paladin Guild Leader yes Near west gate of Carlin on Theater Avenue
Razan Razan Weaponmaster yes Darashia Palace
Ursula Ursula Spell Instructor yes Edron, Ivory Towers, southern tower
Zoltan Zoltan Spell Instructor yes Edron Ivory Towers, two floors up in southern tower

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